Thursday, January 19, 2017

I-25 traffic switch at Crossroads Boulevard starts Monday

Lane shift diagram. Image credit: CDOT

As part of the I-25 improvements at Crossroads Boulevard, lanes will shift on the highway starting Monday, January 23rd. To demolish and replace the northbound bridge on I-25, northbound traffic will travel on the current southbound lanes and southbound lanes will move to a temporary bridge. The lane shift will remain until summer, when both directions of traffic will shift to the new northbound bridge.

To learn more about traffic shifts, read the article on the Coloradoan. For more information about the project, visit the CDOT project website.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Colorado Drivers Can Report Excessive Exhaust through a Smoking Vehicle Hotline

Image Credit: Flickr
Colorado drivers can call in vehicles that appear to be emitting excessive amounts of exhaust. The little-known statewide program is run by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) Air Pollution Control Division and has been in place for 35 years. Chris Colclasure, Deputy Director of CDPHE says they receive about 3,000 calls a year from the public reporting smoking vehicles. The department does not fine drivers, but informs them of their excessive vehicle emissions through a mailed letter and encourages them to take action. The letter comes with a free diagnostics check for drivers in areas where emissions tests are mandatory, such as Larimer and Weld Counties. Separate from the hotline, law enforcement can write tickets for excessive vehicle exhaust.

Watch a video or read more from KOAA’s article.

To report a smoking vehicle, call the hotline at 303-692-3211 or visit the CDPHE website for more information.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Transportation Agencies Will Measure the Movement of People, Not Just Cars

Multimodal street in Greeley. Image credit: Greeley Public Works

In its new standards, the US Department of Transportation have changed how transportation agencies measure their performance. As part of this new rule, performance measures will focus on the movement of people rather than cars - for example, a full bus would not be counted the same as a single-occupancy vehicle. Cyclists and pedestrians will be tracked as part of a "multi-modal" performance measure. Additionally, state DOTs will be required to monitor and foreceast the impact of their projects on greenhouse gas emissions. Also important to note is that there will be a shift away from comparing rush-hour travel times to free-flowing traffic conditions.

For more information, read the article on Streetsblog.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Denver Metro Action Day for Particulates, 1/15-1/16

Current Forecast. From CDPHE

The Denver Metro Air Pollution Forecast states there is an Indoor Burning Restriction in effect until at least 4PM Monday, January 16, 2017. According to the forecast, "Fine Particulate Matter concentrations are expected to reach the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups category on Sunday and Monday, mainly in the Denver metro area. Improving conditions are expected during the day on Monday as the wind increases with periods of snow." This air quality can cause respiratory symptoms in usually sensitive individuals and possibly aggravate heart or lung disease in people with cardiopulmonary disease and older adults.

For more information, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Air Quality Advisory page.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Colorado governor calls for tax ballot measure to address transportation

Governor Hickenlooper presenting. Image credit: Flickr

Earlier this week, Governor John Hickenlooper presented his State of the State, and one of the key features of his speech was transportation. Hickenlooper stated finding new money for transportation projects should be a top priority for 2017, though no specific plan was set forward. Representatives in the Senate expect the investments to be tax-neutral, either through offsetting the state's gas tax or property tax or through existing taxes. Governor Hickenlooper also discussed expanded broadband services in rural areas and health care.

Monday, January 9, 2017

United Parcel Service Testing Electric Delivery Bicycle

Credit: UPS eBike - UPS Chairman and CEO David Abney
On November 21, 2016 the United Parcel Service (UPS) began testing a new electric delivery bicycle in Portland, OR. The electric bicycle allows UPS to ease traffic congestion while reducing emissions. Based on a 2012 pilot program in Hamburg, Germany the bicycles use a series of centralized parcel containers to reduce delivery distances. For even shorter distances UPS employees use the containers to deliver materials on foot.

For more information on the UPS eBike, please visit: eBike To Help Solve Ever-Evolving Demands of Urban Logistics

Colorado Selected as Hyperloop Semifinalist

Credit: Sam Churchill - Flickr
The Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One selected the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop team as one of 35 semifinalists worldwide to build a Hyperloop system. The system would consist of a series of tubes which contain levitation-based vehicles traveling at speeds up to 700 mph.

The proposed northern Colorado route would take passengers between the Denver International Airport and Greeley. The semifinalist selection was made based on the regional growth opportunities, available space to place the system, and length requirements. Other semifinalists come from a total of 17 countries, with the US having an additional 11 teams, India an additional five, and the UK an additional four.

For more information on the Hyperloop selection, please visit: CDOT: Colorado selected as semifinalist for super-fast hyperloop between Greeley, DIA

Expansion eyed for 'nearly failing' Prospect interchange

Prospect Bridge over I-25             Image Credit: CDOT
The I-25 and Prospect Road interchange could be rebuilt in the next few years as part of the I-25 expansion from SH 14 in Fort Collins to SH 402 in Johnstown. As reported in the Coloradoan, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is working with regional governments and landowners on a plan to transform the interchange into a gateway to Fort Collins and to the east.

The rebuilt interchange could be similar to the ones at Harmony Road and SH 392, with an expanded overpass over I-25. The cost of the project ranges from $22M to $28.8M depending on the design and whether or not it is incorporated into the I-25 expansion project. Including the prospect interchange into the I-25 expansion project would reduce costs, because the design-build process being used for the expansion allows for greater efficiencies.

For more information on the Prospect interchange project's potential funding and timeline, read the article in the Coloradoan.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Storm Warning for Northeastern Colorado until 11AM Thursday

Snow Accumulation at Horsetooth Reservoir. Image Credit: Flickr
The National Weather Service has a winter storm warning for Northeastern Colorado from 2 PM this afternoon until 11AM Thursday morning. Snow accumulation and low visibility will impact Wednesday evening and Thursday morning commutes. Larimer County (below 6,000) feet and Northwestern Weld County are included in the warning. Here’s what to expect:
    •     When? Snow will develop this afternoon and become heavy into the evening
    •     How Much? 6 to 10 inches (up to 14 inches in and near the foothills)
    •     Wind: 10 to 20 mph
    •     Visibility: Reduced to less than ¼ mile at times
Read more from the National Weather Service

Friday, December 30, 2016

CDOT Suspending Construction for New Year’s Weekend Traffic Volumes

Road Closure along US 34 due to Heavy Snow, 2011. Image credit: Flickr
In order to reduce delays, all CDOT construction projects will be suspended starting midday today until Tuesday, January 3. Exceptions will be made for emergency operations. Traffic volumes are expected to be exceptionally high on I-25 and I-70. During the final week of 2015, traffic volumes were up 46% from normal weekdays volumes, with similar trends expected for 2016. CDOT is reminding drivers that road conditions can change quickly this time of year. Drivers can receive updated road and weather information by calling 511 or by visiting the COtrip website.

Read more in the CDOT Media Room.