Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Survey Ranks Where Residents Are Most Satisfied With Their Communities

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Gallup-Healthways survey recently published data on the attitudes of Americans collected over a two-year period.  The survey says 85 percent of the Americans are satisfied with the city or area where they live.  Mike Maciag the author, indicated 30 metro areas were surveyed and at least nine out of every 10 resident reported being satisfied.  Mr. Maciag is questioning is it reasonable to assume that to a certain degree the state of the local economy might have some influence on the survey results. 

For example, the lowest satisfaction rating of 72.8 percent is from Rockford, Ill.with an unemployment rate of 12.1 percent.  Stockton, Calif. has a 73.3 percent satisfaction rate with an unemployment rate of 13.1 percent.  On the other end of the spectrum, the highest satisfaction came from Fort Collins-Loveland Colorado with a 95 percent satisfaction.  The other higher marks tend to be out West and in parts of the Midwest.

The article includes a table listing satisfaction ratings for the Gallup-HealthwaysWell-Being Index. 

“Are you satisfied with the city or area where you live?"

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