Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund Ticker

Image Source:  Doug Kerr 

The Highway Trust Fund Tickers show the amount of money available to spend on roads, bridges, and transit under the Highway Trust Fund, and how quickly the funding is approaching zero. The trust fund is intended to finance highways with taxes that are generated from gas sales in the United States, as well as truck and trailer sales, and heavy vehicle use (a table of rates from the US Department of Transportation can be found here). 

US DOT analysts have predicted a shortfall in the Highway Account before the end of the fiscal year, or as early as August. The shortfall could mean delays in funding in road maintenance and improvements, and job cut backs before the end of the year. 

More information about the Highway Trust Fund Tickers and the US DOT stance on the shortfalls can be found here.

A comparison of the highway account balance over current and previous fiscal years can be found here.

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