Monday, June 30, 2014

The Economic Benefit of Bicycle Amenities

 Image source: friendsofholgate
Interested in attracting millennials, baby boomers and all their economic and creative benefits to your community?  Try providing more bicycle amenities.  According to a recent article from Governing, "states and cities are competing for the most mobile generation ever and so the job creators and the innovators are really pushing for these amenities."

While only one percent of the workers nationally commute by bicycle, some cities have been able to significantly increase that percentage. Seattle, with a 4.1 percent bike commuting rate, credits its high percentage due to bicycle education and encouragement, but also for " innovative pavement markings and plans to put protected lanes near every home."

Portland, Oregon, with a bike commuting rate of  5.8 percent, "has spurred tremendous growth in bike commuting with its aggressive program of protected lanes and other bike-friendly programs, like bicycle –sensitive traffic signals."

To learn more about the benefits of protecting bicyclists, how women can be seen as a bellweather of bicycling safety, and the struggle for control of street space for either parking spaces or bike lanes, read the entire article at

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