Thursday, August 28, 2014

Portland's Future: A Multi-Modal Bridge

Image Source: Flickr

Tilikum Crossing is an all too familiar project for Portland, Oregon residents. With the bridge being in construction for some time now and still a year left in construction. It is no surprise that the bridge has been receiving mostly all positive reviews due to its high volume of public involvement. The bridge location is very important in that it does not connect to a road network on either side but will eventually feed pedestrian, bicycle, and transit traffic. The bridge will also make a long awaited connection between South Waterfront to the Downtown Area.  The area also known as the innovative quadrant is on the lookout for future development to revitalize the existing condos and multiple school campuses along the waterfront. The bridge itself gives opportunity for people to choose alternative ways to get to and from places that doesn’t involve a vehicle.  Going into the future Portland is ahead of its time by planning for a mixed yet balanced system when it comes to transportation.

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