Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Greeley Students Use Bus with Free Passes

Because of an agreement between Greeley-Evans District 6 and the City of Greeley, more students are using transit to get around. In past years, the transit passes cost students $65/semester and $98/year, but the recent agreement has allowed the passes to be offered for free this year. The number of passes has tripled in both October and November as compared to the same time last year. Due to the improved mobility, students are now able to use transit to stay after school for sports, specialty classes, activities or academic help. With the increase in ridership, GET and District 6 are working together to expand service by one hour each night starting in January.

The program is available to residents of Greeley or Evans who are 18 or younger, attends schools in Greeley or Evans has a school ID. State-issued IDs can be used if a person doesn't have their student ID.

For more information, the full article can be read here.

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