Friday, April 17, 2015

Larimer County’s U.S. 287 Leads in Fatal Crashes

In Larimer County, drivers are more likely to be involved in a fatal crash along U.S. 287 than Interstate 25. Nearly half of the county's 80 fatal crashes in the last decade have happened on U.S. 287. Between July 2004 and July 2014, 36 fatal crashes have happened on the 64 miles of the highway in Larimer County. In the last decade, the segment between Vine Drive and Mulberry Street in Fort Collins saw 1,219 crashes. 

To combat these crashes CDOT has invested more than $14 million on north U.S. 287 since 2003. CDOT Traffic Engineer, Mike Crow stated that preventing further fatalities can be accomplished through, “education, engineering, and enforcement.” The article goes on to explain various roadway improvements that have been installed to help reduce crashes. 

Credit: Katie de la Rosa, Coloradoan

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