Wednesday, October 14, 2015

List of Projects for Colorado's application for the National Disaster Resiliency Competition

In a follow-up to our blog post from yesterday, October 13th, below is a list of projects included in Colorado's application for the National Disaster Resiliency Competition. The application separates projects into two categories: Interstate Bridge Improvements and Affordable Housing Development.

Interstate Bridge Improvements:
  • Bridge repairs along I-25 to accommodate 100-year floods. Bridges addressed cross the Cache la Poudre River, Big Thompson River, Little Thompson River, and the St. Vrain Creek. ($52.5 Million)
Affordable Housing Development:
  • Land acquisition and construction of two affordable housing developments ($3 Million)
    • Harmony Road, Fort Collins - 100-unit affordable rental housing development to improve market resiliency for the community.
    • Highway 119 and I-25 - Site abutting three heavily flood-impacted counties (Boulder, Weld, and Larimer counties)
Other sub-components projects include:
  • Connecting the separate segments of the Poudre River Trail to provide benefits to Fort Collins, Timnath, Windsor, Greeley, and unincorporated portions of Larimer and Weld counties ($2.2 Million).
  • Restoration of riparian areas to slow runoff and disperse flows ($20 Million)
  • Redesign of Water Diversion Systems and Removal of Fish Passage Barriers ($7.5 Million)
  • Larimer County Watershed Climate study by building a model to predict how flow/hydrology and resulting stressors change under different climate scenarios ($575,000)
  • Smart Growth Development Study by creating land use and plans around adequate and updated maps of river erosion zones, floodplains, and other natural hazards to help build more resilient neighborhoods. ($750,000)
  • Gravel Pit Floodplain Connectivity Feasibility Study to develop innovative approaches to gravel mine reclamation. ($400,000)
In all, the application requests $91.2 Million for projects to increase and improve resiliency in Northern Colorado.
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