Thursday, November 12, 2015

Greeley rolls out green-striped, buffered bike lanes to create a safe cycling environment

71st Avenue. Image credit: Greeley Bikes

Greeley Bikes program is expanding with the addition of new painted buffered bike lanes. Portions of 1st Avenue (between 13th and 18th Streets) and 20th Street (between 71st and 73rd Avenues) now feature green paint and more space between cars and bikes. The road was updated from four lanes to two with a center turn lane in addition to the new bike lanes. More roads will be upgraded in the future according to the Greeley Bike Plan, which was adopted earlier this year.

For more information about the Greeley Bike Plan, visit the Greeley Bikes website. For more information about the new bike lane, read the article from the Greeley Tribune.

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