Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tailoring Our Transportation Systems for Self-Driving Cars

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The discussion of self-driving and connected cars has been popular recently as technology in the field has evolved. Promises of reduced congestion, safer streets, and increased mobility have permeated the conversation, but the Governing Institute recently published an editorial concerning the need for the government to partner with the private sector, and in doing so, the government should responsibly guide and manage the integration of the technology to achieve those goals. The editorial provides two examples of how the government has gotten involved in aiding the rollout of this technology: Somerville, Massachusetts, has partnered with Audi to build infrastructure in the city to accommodate self-driving cars that park themselves; and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created five levels of automated vehicles, from Level 0 (no automation) to Level 4 (full self-driving automation).

To read the article, visit the Governing Institute's website.

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