Friday, July 29, 2016

Self-Driving Transit Vehicle Technology

Image Credit: _Suminch_ Flickr

While transit ridership has dropped in New York City, the most transit-friendly city in the U.S., new autonomous buses might save ridership. Driver-less bus pilot projects are in place in several countries including Switzerland, Greece, China, the Netherlands, and the UK to test and implement the idea. 

There has been an effort to prioritize autonomous transit over personal vehicles, but challenges remain. Moving from a fixed-route system to a flexible route may detract from the effectiveness of transit. Additionally, varying from fixed-route service may add vehicle trips which would increase congestion. However, it is estimated a large mode shift to autonomous vehicles which communicate together would provide a faster, better experience for users.

For more information about self-driving transit vehicles and the full article, click here: Can self-driving technology save the bus? by Alissa Walker, Curbed

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