Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VanGo Vanpool has launched a new website

New VanGo homepage: www.vangovanpools.org

VanGo™ launched its new website www.vangovanpools.org ; a major upgrade with a much more user-friendly interface. People new to or exploring the program can now investigate routes without registering. When they find a match and they do register using their Facebook login or set up a new login, the new website allows them to add themselves to a route while notifying the VanGo™ Coordinator and the route’s coordinator, streamlining the process. This leap into the future by VanGo™ also made the Guaranteed Ride Home program easier to use because the participants simply access this benefit online where they can claim a use and see how many uses remain on their account. Take a moment to check it out; head over to www.vangovanpools.org and Ride to Work With Us.

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