Wednesday, December 28, 2016

HOV 3+ Ensures Free Flow Traffic for Express Lane Users into the Future

CDOT Express Lanes. Image credit: CDOT
On January 1, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Express Lanes on US 36 and I-25 are changing from HOV 2+ to HOV 3+. This means that a driver and at least two passengers will be required to travel in the Express Lanes for free. The change comes in response to the Colorado population boom and decreasing transportation funding. Express Lanes increase roadway capacity, reduce delays during peak travel, manage congestion, and maintain reliable travel times. CDOT hopes the move will encourage more travelers to carpool and take other modes of transportation through the many HOV 3 Solutions that already exist.

Learn how to get the $15 switchable transponder for free here.

Read more from CDOT’s latest press release.

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