Friday, March 17, 2017

Northern Colorado growing quicker than transportation projects built

Congestion on a highway. Image credit: Flickr

Larimer and Weld counties are among the fastest growing in Colorado, meaning a greater demand on the transportation system. CDOT has a long term plan to expand I-25, but due to funding shortfalls, the plan will not be completed until 2075. Some I-25 projects have been moved up for the NFRMPO region due to funding from local communities; however, if population continues to grow as it is expected to, the region will add more than 500,000 new residents by 2040. Three projects aimed to help congestion on I-25 include:
  • Installation of traffic signals on on-ramps (Harmony Road and SH392/Carpenter Road)
  • New bridge at Crossroads Boulevard
  • Berthoud Climbing Lane
Alternatives to driving a single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) to the Denver metro region include:
More information about the demographic and congestion discussion is available at the Coloradoan.

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