Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weld County Road 49 project extended north to Colo. 392

Weld County Road 49 Project Extent
Weld County Commissioners voted on Wednesday to add 3.5 miles to the Weld County Road (WCR) 49 construction project from WCR 60 ½ (8th Street in Greeley) to Colo. 392. The additional segment is actually WCR 47. The project will cost $21 million and work will begin in November 2017 with completion expected in June 2018. The WCR 49 Corridor is meant to be a north-south corridor that will improve safety and ease congestion and from oil and gas truck traffic currently using the US 85 Corridor. The project is consistent with the county’s long-range plan and will save taxpayers $4 million because it was added as a change order on Wednesday. Improvements are already underway at the WCR 47 / Colo. 392 intersection.

Read more from the Greeley Tribune.

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