Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Free Passes Now Available for "HOV ONLY" I-25, US36 Customers

Image credit: Google Maps

Good news for carpoolers, vanpoolers, and HOV-drivers: CDOT and the High-Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) announced the switchable HOV passes are now available for free for drivers who plan to use these passes for carpooling. Previously, these passes cost $15 each. According to CDOT, the free passes are only available for free for those traveling on I-25 and US36 Express Lanes; drivers who plan to use the I-70 Mountain Express Lane, E-470, Northwest Parkway, or drivers who plan to use the toll will still be required to pay the $15 fee. Drivers who obtain the pass must drive in HOV-mode at least once in the first six months after receiving the transponder.

As a reminder, Express Lanes require three or more people to use HOV.

For more information, read the press release from CDOT.

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