Friday, April 28, 2017

This magic Dutch traffic light helps bicyclists avoid stopping

Flo Kiosk in Utrecht    Image Credit: Springlab
A new traffic system in the Netherlands is providing cyclists with information to help them catch green lights. The system, known as "Flo", was installed at an intersection last week in Utrecht. The Flo kiosk detects approaching cyclists' speed 120 meters before the traffic light, and tells cyclists if and how to catch the light. If the cyclist needs to speed up, the kiosk displays a hare. If slowing down will help them catch the light, they see a tortoise. If their current speed will get them to the light in time, the kiosk displays a thumbs up. If there is no way to catch the light, they see a cow. The system was developed by Springlab to address a common complaint among urban cyclists: frequent stops at traffic lights. One kiosk has been installed in Utrecht, and two more are planned in the next couple months.

For more information, read the article in CityLab.

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