Monday, May 8, 2017

With workers priced out of FoCo market, traffic gridlock intensifies

Image Credit: Coloradoan
It is no secret the population of Northern Colorado is increasing rapidly - estimates say the population in our region should nearly double by 2040. More people means a high demand for housing, causing prices to rise. This high demand has priced families out from living in the cities and towns where they work. Housing in cities like Fort Collins are becoming expensive, which is producing results like those shown in the chart above. Only about 50.4 percent of Fort Collins residents commute outside of the city, while cheaper cities like Evans, Wellington, Johnstown have more than 92 percent of their residents commuting elsewhere. The farther people commute to afford living, though, the higher the congestion on roads like I-25.

For more in-depth coverage of the issue of affordable housing and its impact on commutes, read the article in the Coloradoan.

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