Monday, July 10, 2017

Utah roads threaten Colorado's top-ranked economy

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Though 24/7 wall street ranked the state of Colorado as having the best economy in the United States, Utah is close behind and may be getting closer. Prioritizing and investing in transportation infrastructure appears to be paying off in economic development and the economic well-being of their citizens. High quality transportation infrastructure has become a major factor in the location decisions for new and expanding business. In 2015 Utah restructured its transportation financing system by increasing their gas tax and tying tax to fuel prices, allowing them to invest more heavily in transportation infrastructure.

Though the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has done a good job with the resources available, the recently approved budget of $1.9 billion fell short of the $9 billion that CDOT identified for needed maintenance and upkeep of Colorado’s networks. However as congestion continues to slow down commuters, recreation seekers, and freight, those in support of a larger transportation budget are considering alternative funding mechanisms.

For more information, read Nick Coltrain’s article in the Coloradoan. 

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