Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Inadequate funding may be an issue for the 2020 Census

US Census envelope. Image credit: Flickr

Every ten years, the United States undertakes a census to survey demographics across the country. Undertaken by the US Census Bureau, the US Census happens as a result of numerous partnerships - one of the biggest is with the US Congress. Annual appropriations allow the Bureau to undertake critical projects, including the American Community Survey. For FFY2017 and 2018, Congress has appropriated less than what the Bureau requested. The lack of funding, and the retirement of current Census Bureau Director John Thompson, has cast doubt on the effectiveness of the upcoming 2020 US Census. Advocates across the country are working to engage legislators to understand the critical value of the census and to obtain more funding for the decennial survey.

For more information about these issues, read the post from the American Planning Association.

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