Friday, May 17, 2019

Bike infrastructure investments in Greeley match resident feedback

Image credit: City of Greeley
Although only two percent of workers commute to work by bike in Greeley, the City continues to invest in bike infrastructure, programming, and education initiatives based on supportive feedback from residents. According to survey responses from the City's 2015 Bicycle Master Plan, 75 percent of residents said improving biking in the City is very important and half said they are interested but concerned about getting on a bike. Countywide, one in four residents is "very concerned" about bicycle and pedestrian safety. Greeley is working to ease these concerns with plans to implement 126 miles of  bike lanes, 40 miles of trails and 62 miles of multi-use paths. This will connect more people to more destinations through safer, low-stress facilities. Greeley has also launched initiatives such as the "I Am A Bicyclist" campaign featuring local residents from all walks of life identifying as bicyclists. Both City and County staff hope these efforts will help shift perceptions towards biking as a viable option for all kinds of daily trips. 

Some of the projects Greeley residents, visitors, students, and business owners can look forward to include:
  • Construction of the Sheep Draw Trail between 71st Avenue and 83rd Avenue, with a trail crossing under 71st Avenue
  • Addition of bike lanes on 20th Street from 83rd Avenue to 90th Avenue
  • Addition of bike lanes on 4th Avenue from 8th Street to 16 Street
  • Signalized trail crossing for the Sheep Draw Trail on 20th Street, west of 77th Avenue
  • Extending bike lanes up to and through intersections at certain locations
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