Thursday, May 30, 2019

Call-N-Ride Shuttle to New UC Health Campus from Greeley Mall

Image credit: GET

Greeley Evans Transit is extending its service area to the UC Health Campus. Two levels of service will be provided:
  • Eligible paratransit customers will receive door-to-door service to go to their doctor or to meet other medical needs at the UC Health Campus. 
  • The general public can use curb-to-curb service to go to the doctor or meet other medical needs at the UC Health Campus. The service will run between Greeley Mall Transfer Center and the UC Health Campus.
To set up the trip, customers may call GET at least one day in advance up to 14-days in advance. Customers with appointments within the same reasonable time frame will be scheduled together. Eight sitting passengers and three wheelchair spots are available for each trip. Standing room will not be available. A $3 fare will be charged each way.

For more information, visit the GET website.

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