Monday, March 2, 2015

Greeley-Evans Transit updating route network

Greeley-Evans Transit is in the process of updating its transit system as the city prepares to open its new Downtown Transfer Center at 11th Avenue and 2ndStreet in 2016.

The route changes were achieved based on the goals of simplifying and improving the existing system. Routes will be numbered, replacing the current color name routes. Additionally, routes have been simplified. Rather than unidirectional loops, routes will operate in both directions along straight lines. The most important shift in the route system is to serve routes that provide connections rather than routes that attempt to serve every destination. These connections will be made by improved transfer locations.

GET has uploaded an interactive map and explanations for the new routes on its website. Residents are encouraged to send feedback about the route changes.

The new routes are expected to improve the commutes of Greeley and Evans residents. GET has seen a recent influx of ridership from its Ride Free with ID program, which allows students under the age of 18 to ride transit for free.

More information about the route changes can be found on the GET website:

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