Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Freight Planning and Economic Development

Freight Rail Cars
Image credit: Flickr/Rob Swatski

Today, more than 54 million tons of freight are moved daily, or about 63 tons per person, per year. By 2040, total freight movement is expected to increase by 45 percent according to the Federal Highway Administration. Planning agencies across the country have taken note and are beginning or increasing their freight planning efforts. The Texas Department of Transportation aligned their Texas Freight Mobility Plan with the state’s targeted industries which support export growth. 

The movement of freight is not only an indicator of economic activity, but a key driver in the economic health of a region. To remain competitive States must think about global supply chain issues in addition to their own freight transportation system. With limited transportation resources decision makers will need to plan for freight, not just people.

For the full article from GOVERNING Magazine, click here: Long Haul: The Crucial Link Between Freight and Economic Development by Daniel G. Haake

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