Monday, March 19, 2018

Northern Colorado Leaders Urge FRA Administrator to Update the “Train Horn Rule”

Image credit: NFRMPO Staff
In late February, elected officials from across northern Colorado met with Congressman Jared Polis to discuss infrastructure. Among the topics they discussed was the train horn noise that Loveland and Fort Collins residents are especially familiar with. Loveland City Councilman Dave Clark has stated he wants the rule changed back to allow for quieter horns. Polis and other representatives sent a letter to Ronald Batory, the new Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Administrator, stating the Train Horn Rule “does not take into account technological advancements or the unique situations communities in Colorado and across the country have with diverse railway crossings.” Batory, sworn in on February 28, 2018, is being urged to consider more flexibility and additional quiet zone regulations. This comes after the FRA asked for feedback on the Train Horn Rule in March 2016 and after a Railroad Safety Report was released in October 2017 by the Government Accountability Office recommending a revised methodology for analyzing safety of quiet zones and guidance for quiet zone inspections.

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  1. before people moved in the area of the trains that most trains/train tracks was there before they got there so either they move away from the noise or live with it. a person usually don't hear train noise more then 2 to 3 minutes at one time no big with very limited noise. infact people have noisier neighbors on constant basis then a train noise. so live with it or move.

  2. To this comment above... you have no idea what you are talking about... its a nightmare, I thought it would be easy to "just deal with it", BIG MISTAKE! Thornton, Henderson, Commerce City are the worst place to live in Colorado... These freaking train horns goes on overnight, every night! Just bullshit that it has been like that forever and nothing gets done while money being spent in crappy other "initiatives"... I need to deal with for another year... then will just get the hell out here! Any other person considering to buy a house nearby, think 100 times... it sucks!


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