Tuesday, October 29, 2019

CDOT shares results of Statewide Transportation Plan listening Tour

Your Transportation Plan Online Map Comments. Image Credit: CDOT
Road condition & safety, growth & congestion, and a lack of travel options are the most important transportation issues in Colorado according to a new report released by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The Midpoint Report summarizes five months of outreach conducted by the agency to inform Your Transportation Plan, the statewide transportation plan currently in development.

CDOT gathered input from tens of thousands of Coloradans across the state. The report summarizes feedback at the statewide and regional level and will be used to determine a 10-year "pipeline" of projects.

The draft plan will be released for public review in early 2020. More information on the planning effort is available at YourTansportationPlan.com.

To view the CDOT Press Release on the Midpoint Report, visit  https://www.codot.gov/news/2019/october/cdot-shares-results-of-statewide-transportation-plan-listening-tour.

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