Wednesday, September 16, 2020

NoCo Active Transportation Challenge in Greeley, Loveland, and other NFRMPO communities


Ahoy - bikers, transiteers, walkers, and drivers! September 20th through the 26th has been designated as the NoCo Active Transportation Challenge. The cities of Loveland and Greeley and the NFRMPO are asking people to #SwitchATrip from their car to a trip by bike, transit, walking, scooting, or via anything that is not a car. There are physical benefits to walking and biking, and air quality benefits related to biking, walking, and taking transit. The Greeley Tribune article linked below identifies some great statistics about these benefits.

People who are interested in the challenge should take the pledge and will be entered to win prizes provided by local businesses and agencies. The #SwitchATrip Pledge is available on the NFRMPO website.

Read more about the challenge in the Greeley Tribune and on the NFRMPO website.

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